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We developed a set of specialized assets for precision oncology.

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MNM177 is our first anti-cancer drug target. Inhibition of MNM177 in tumors with genomic instability leads to cancer cell death. MNM177 was discovered thanks to our proprietary AI-driven Platform fueled by multi-omic data.

The Platform discovered several drug target candidates associated with replication stress. MNM177 was selected in synthetic lethality screens and validated through biochemical assays, high-throughput screenings, in-vitro and in-vivo modeling. MNM177 is ready to enter the IND Enabling phase.

IND Enabling
Phase I
- Clinical trials

MNM177 first indication: breast.

MNM177 can be used in replication stress-high tumors.

Most tumors have an elevated level of replication stress, so it makes MNM177, a broad therapeutic indication.

GEMMAai™ platform

GEnoMic Marker Analyzer, AI-driven drug target platform

Integrates multi-omic and clinical data from various cancer types
Ensures uniform data processing and rigorous quality control
Curated genomic feature database
Search for biomarkers signatures of various molecular mechanisms
knowledge discovery
Drug prediction
response engine
Drug target
discovery engine

In Vitro & In Vivo Research Laboratory

Drug target candidates are extensively validated in our Research Laboratory.

  • Bioanalytical and cell-based assays
  • X-ray crystallography
  • Cell cultures and animal models
  • Pre-clinical research

Predictive algorithms for precision medicine

We also develop predictive algorithms that stratify oncological patients for targeted therapies. These algorithms predict drug response based on tumor molecular patterns.

Our AI-discovered algorithms for therapy response prediction

Cancer no more

Our proprietary Platform reveals the secrets of tumor biology by combination of multi-omics data processing with AI, leading to new drug discovery.

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