Meaningless job no more


It’s not just a job - it’s a responsibility and an opportunity to have a real impact in the Life Science environment and on real people’s lives. Progress is part of our DNA!

MNM guiding principles


Through the synergy between genome sequencing and AI, we strive to provide personalized therapies for cancer patients.

Care for patients

We never lose sight of the patient. Everything we do is aimed at making a difference in people’s lives.


We are accountable, committed, and we accept ownership of our decisions and actions.

Continuous growth

Curious minds thrive at MNM. We relentlessly pursue continuous self-improvement and excellence in all we do.


Some people say that the opportunity to change the face of modern medicine could be the greater benefit of working with us, but we say that this is our duty - the most beneficial duty. Work with us to save people's lives.

Stock option
Flexible working
Team building
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Career offers

If you’re willing to change the face of modern medicine, help develop personalized therapies for cancer patients, join our Team!

Genome Analyst

Poznan / remote work
continuous recruitment

Head of Business Development

Boston / Poznan
continuous recruitment


continuous recruitment

Cloud Engineer

continuous recruitment

Senior Bioinformatician

Poznan / remote work
continuous recruitment

We are MNM

Alicja Wozna

Head of Research and Development

Head of Research and Development, I’m working at MNM Bioscience Inc. to create an agile, dynamic environment of technological innovation in cancer biomarker development and drug discovery. I am delighted to lead an interdisciplinary R&D team of outstanding experts in genomics, oncology and molecular biology to support our Engineering teams in developing AI-driven approaches for precision medicine. By establishing a high level of credibility and expertise in replication stress, we maximize the value of MNM's R&D portfolio through external academic, biotech and pharmaceutical alliances.

Klaudia Pacewicz

Genome Analyst - Team Leader

I started working at MNM right after graduation. Thanks to the development opportunities that the company gave me and the amazing people who work here, my learning curve grew so much that after a year I became the Team Leader of the team dealing with genomic data processing. From the very beginning, I felt that this is a place where I can develop, but what I saw here exceeded my wildest expectations. I am really grateful for this time, for giving me a chance, for being able to work with such wonderful people and for being able to do what I really love.

Michal Gorczewski

Head of Finance

As a Head of Finance, my work is to make sure we’ve got all the necessary resources available to achieve our long-term goal which is bringing the right therapy for every cancer patient. In MNM Inc. we are all aware that our mission, if successful, will change the world of medicine as we know it. For me personally, after so many years of work in the investment bank and investment management sector, it’s a fantastic feeling that thanks to our efforts in MNM, the world is becoming a better place. At some stage in your career, you will most likely discover that the purpose is what really counts, because at the very end, if you are not building a better world, then what is the point of running a business?

Maciej Piernik

VP of AI

MNM is a place in which everytime you look back at yourself from 6 months ago, you don't recognize yourself due to the progress you've made. It's a place of growth, great team work, dedication, responsibility, and competence. You'll find these qualities in all the people working here. It's the most stimulating environment I've ever worked in.

Maciej Dabrowski

Director of Scientific Development

In MNM, science and innovation meet business. At the point of contact of these two worlds, a real impressive thing happens: new ideas grow and create real products, everything in the blink of an eye. What is more, as a scientist, you can do things with a real impact on patients’ health.

Dariusz Brzezinski

Senior Data Sientist

MNM is one of these rare companies that combines scientists and practitioners from diverse backgrounds under a single roof. The synergy between life scientists, data scientists, devops engineers, and drug hunters is what makes this place special.

Paulina Kolodziejak

Administration Manager

I joined MNM as an administration specialist in 2019, at the very beginning of the start-up’s activity. Since then, I have witnessed all of the important changes. I chose to work for MNM due to my dedication to stimulating progress, small communities and fast-paced changes. This was a place where I could make a real impact. This kind of work environment is very different from large companies with regulated processes. What do I like the most about MNM? The people! it is a unique opportunity to meet so many passionate and hard-working people in one place.

Paulina Nawrocka- Muszyńska

Genome Analyst - Team Leader

Working at MNM is not only a job, it is a mission that brings together the most talented, committed and hard-working people who every single day fight against cancer. Because of an interdisciplinary team, MNM is the perfect place to develop your professional life.

Marcin Kowiel

Head of Targets

MNM is a very interdisciplinary workplace where you can find biologists, bioinformaticians, data scientists and devops collaborating together unified by common goal. I think we were able to create incredibly stimulating environment where every voice matters and where everybody can influence how the organisation is operating. I’m very happy to work with such a friendly, knowledgeable and eager to learn group of people.

Weronika Majer-Burman

Genome Analyst

MNM is a place that allows you to work closely with people from many different fields providing a great opportunity for personal growth as a scientist and professional. Working in MNM, you feel that you are a part of a very dedicated and competent organisation composed of people who share a common goal to help all oncological patients using the most advanced technologies available.

Jaroslaw Lojewski

BD Manager

Fighting against cancer is an enormous challenge, and to take this challenge, you have to gather your party before venturing forth (and it has to be an outstanding party!). So here we are, an extra interdisciplinary and harmonious team, on a great quest. Do you want to join us?