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We are looking for ambitious people that share our mission to change the world of genomic diagnostics. You can join us by sending your application to [email protected]

Alicja Wozna,
Head of Product Development

As a Head of Product Development, I’m working at MNMBioscience Inc. to create an agile, dynamic culture of technological innovation in cancer biomarker development and discovery.

MNM Bioscience Inc. is a well-established startup in the field of whole-genome sequencing data-driven medicine.

I am excited to work with outstanding experts in a multidimensional R&D team to deliver AI-driven personalized approaches and further improve patient outcomes.

Michal Gorczewski,
Head of Finance

As a Head of Finance, my work is to make sure we’ve got all the necessary resources available to achieve our long-term goal of bringing WGS to every patient.

In MNM Inc. we are all aware that our mission, if successful, will change the world of medicine as we know it.

For me personally, after so many years of work in the investment bank and investment management sector, it’s a fantastic feeling that thanks to our efforts in MNM, the world is becoming a better place.

At some stage in your career, you will most likely discover that the purpose is what really counts, because at the very end, if you are not building a better world, then what is the point of running a business?

Klaudia Pacewicz,
Team Leader

I started working at MNM right after graduation. Thanks to the development opportunities that the company gave me and the amazing people who work here, my learning curve grew so much that after a year I became the Team Leader of the team dealing with genomic data processing.

From the very beginning, I felt that this is a place where I can develop, but what I saw here exceeded my wildest expectations. I am really grateful for this time, for giving me a chance, for being able to work with such wonderful people and for being able to do what I really love.

Our team

We are a group of enthusiasts who work together to provide cancer patients access to advanced genomic diagnostics.

Our interdisciplinary team combines expertise in oncology, DNA chemistry, cell biology, personal data protection, and legal regulations with AI and machine learning, to provide cutting-edge genome analysis and develop new approaches to personalized medicine.

Our company is located in Boston, USA and in Poznań, Poland. We collaborate with companies from Great Britain, Germany, and the United States.

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