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We try to eradicate the asymmetry between the achievements of science and its use in real life. Thanks to cooperation on various projects, we can successfully put our knowledge into practice.

The Eureka Eurostars 2022 for innovative SMEs

The Eureka Network supports our innovative research aimed at developing a unique diagnostic tool for ovarian cancer. The tool, PARPiNDx, is based on the genomic data derived from whole genome sequencing, further analyzed by AI-driven algorithms. It will provide highly accurate patient stratification, allowing for the selection of people who may benefit the most from treatment with PARP inhibitors.

The Zodiak Program

The purpose of the Zodiak Program is to create a nationwide research network between the best clinical, scientific and commercial units, with the aim of developing tools for personalized oncology.

The COVID-19 Host Genetics Initiative and The COVID Human Genetic Effort

To engage in the global fight against COVID19, we joined the COVID-19 Host Genetics Initiative and the COVID Human Genetic Effort. These initiatives bring together research communities dealing with the genetic aspects of the coronavirus and facilitates the flow of research results between research units. Together, we have published numerous scientific papers in "Science" and "Nature".

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The Thousand Polish Genomes Database

A genetic portrait of the Polish population. This project has made it possible to create a unique database of genetic variants of the Polish population based on whole genome sequences of 1250 Poles.

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The MUK Program

The MUK Program was the first clinical diagnostic program in Poland, based on whole genome sequencing, addressed to patients suffering from congenital metabolic disorders of the skeletal system. The implementation of the program gave many young patients a chance to prevent the further development of the disease.

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