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Structural Variants

DBFE: Distribution-based feature extraction from copy number and structural variants in whole-genome data

M. Piernik, D. Brzezinski, P. Sztromwasser, K. Pacewicz, W. Majer-Burman, M. Gniot, D. Sielski, O. Bryzghalov, A. Wozna, P. Zawadzki


1134P Personalized medicine in advanced breast cancer: AI-driven genomic test for CDK4/6 treatment response prediction

P. Zawadzki, A. Wozna, P. Sztromwasser, W. Majer-Burman, R. Stepien, K. Pacewicz, D. Sielski, M. Gniot M. Wojtaszewska, M. Dabrowski, M. Piernik